Welcome in the virtual refuge of the Guardians of Styx Guild

While you rest and gather strength, Guildmaster Vlad, the Conqueror, the Warmonger, will keep the Hellhounds at bay and offer you a safe haven in this destructive and hostile universe that is our world.

Guardians of Styx, is a small/medium sized Guild. We have been harrasing the Crom server, since the early days of Aoc. The Guild was created during the the second day of the pre-access period of the Game, and is probably the most ancient Guild on the server and still alive, after 3 server merges.

And we're here to stay !

We're an international Guild, that uses English as main language in Guild-chat. We consist, and are looking for mature players (which doesn't mean, you have to be old). We do ask for some respect for our Guild, it's Guildies, and people to behave in Guild-chat, and in general. Perfect knowledge of the English language, is not required.

We welcome all new members, from social/casual to the most hardcore ones around. We like to have a mixed player base, where people can help eachother, and besides gaming, also have a chance to meet and communicate with different people, hailing from different parts of the globe. And when I say we welcome all members, I mean, regardles of gender, age, nationality, class, lvl or xp. We also welcome f2p players. When fighting together, I prefer the skills of a good gamer, over some-one with a bigger bank account. (We also offer some special Guild features/services for f2p players to bypass some of the f2p restrictions).

We have the following to offer:

- A Guild that cares; about all it's Guildies. Help is just a tell-message away.

- A Guild-chat that's preferable over Global chat, any day.

- A very nice Guild City, located in the Purple Lotus Swamp (Stygia).

- Tier 1 and 2 of our City completed, and most important T3 buildings (including all crafting buildings) are up and ready for use.

- Our Guild is renown lvl 14.

- Still some things to contribute and/or achieve for the people that are interested. And everything you need if you don't.

Furthermore we are part of a Guild-Alliance, between several Guilds, The [Vanquishers Alliance], which consists of Guilds, and it's members, that help each other, and work together, instead of competing. Because of this we can also offer Raids T1-T3, on a weekly basis (one week cool down period). So for all you "epics"-lovers, you don't have to worry. You'll get your chance, to prove your strenght and skill. This also goes for doing the Dungeons in expansion in hard-mode. Difficult, not for every player, but the rewards, will keep you satisfied. During raids and (difficult) Dungeons, TS3 is required. We're still working on the Teamspeak 3, but it's provided by one of our Alliance partners atm. (and to be clear, TS3 is only required, where it's needed, and you still don't need to speak if you don't want to; just listen!)

If you have any questions, feel free, to give me a pm, or an ingame tell message, or mail.

Your humble Guild leader,


(Ps. every gamer that has some confidence, and joins our Guild at an early lvl, will get a free mount, when reaching lvl 40)